The 5 best tools for local SEO: Keyword research, analytics, choosing blog topics, and more

Female entrepreneur looking at the best tools for seo for her local business.

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If you’re just getting started with SEO, you’re probably daunted by the sheer number of SEO tool options out there. Plus, they all vary in price and features. Which one to choose?

As someone who’s been doing SEO for years now, I can help you get a head start and share a short list of the only tools you really need to start getting more visibility and higher rankings on Google. These are the only tools I use for SEO in my business and the only tools I teach my students to use as well.

#1 Best Local SEO Tool: Google My Business

When trying to rank on Google, we gotta play Google’s game.

If you’re a local business, you’ve probably heard of Google My Business (GMB), but did you know that you can actually optimize your GMB profile to get more visibility in search results?

“Customers are 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with a complete Business Profile.” – Google

Most business owners don’t know this, but I help all of my clients do this and they see results.

My student Regina optimized her Google My Business profile and started getting more clients from Google than she had in years.

“This month I have gotten more clients from Google searches than I have in years. So it’s working already!!” – Regina F., Regina Brows, Goodyear, AZ

Learn how to optimize your Google My Business profile in this mini-course.

#2 Best Local SEO Tool (Search Analytics): Google Search Console

You may not have heard of Google Search Console but it’s absolutely critical if you want to have more impact on your website’s appearance in search results.

Google Search Console is THE tool to let Google know that your site exists and how Google should read it. You will want to submit your sitemap, let Google know when you’ve created new pages, and more.

In return, Google will let you know about any page indexing errors and what search queries are actually leading to site traffic.

#3 Best Local SEO Tool (Keyword Research): Ubersuggest

There are a ton of SEO auditing, keyword research, and assessment tools out there like Semrush and Ahrefs, but my favorite by far is Ubersuggest.

The biggest reason I like it is because it provides so much value for a much lower price than other tools.

Here’s what I use Ubersuggest for:

  • Keyword research
  • Individual keyword tracking
  • Competitor research

If you’re looking for a tool to give you recommendations on how to optimize your site for SEO, Ubersuggest is not that tool.

That being said, I personally don’t think that’s the right path for local business owners trying to improve their SEO anyway.

Check out this post where I share why I think tools like Semrush and Ahrefs actually stunt your SEO success and what I recommend you do instead.

Want to learn how to do keyword research for your local business? Check out my mini-course.

#4 Best Local SEO Tool (Choosing Blog Topics): Answer the Public

I love Answer the Public when trying to figure out what my next blog topic should be. Ubersuggest is great for keyword research. Answer the Public is great to figure out the questions people are asking on Google.

#5 Best Local SEO Tool (Website Analytics): Google Analytics

I often debate whether or not Google Analytics is a tool for SEO. Technically, it’s really more of a tool to help you optimize your website for conversion after you’ve gotten traffic to it.

  • Google Search Console: Helps you show up in search results and get traffic to your website
  • Google Analytics: Helps you analyze their journey once they are on your website

But we know your goal is not just to get more traffic to your website. Your ultimate goal is for that traffic to turn into inquiries, leads, bookings, clients, and sales, so that’s why I include it in this list of the best tools for SEO.

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