7 tips for local SEO that gets you ranking higher on Google

Female local service provider using local SEO techniques on her website to get more visibility and higher rankings on Google to get more traffic to her website, more leads, and more clients.

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Most clients come to me and they’ve done a lot of work on their SEO. They’re just not quite all the way there.

And with SEO, close doesn’t cut it.

Here’s where you’ve gotta get your local SEO dialed in:

SEO Keywords

Guessing on your keywords or using a general list for your industry just isn’t dialed in enough. You need to research what people in YOUR area are searching.

SEO Keyword Placement

For keywords to work, it’s not enough to sprinkle them here or there in your content. They need to be put in a number of specific places.

Your Google My Business Profile

Most local business owners already have a profile set up, but what they don’t know is that it can (and should) be optimized. When these tweaks are made, you can see a huge difference in your visibility.

“I’ve really only made a few tweaks in my Google Page so far. That being said, most of my clients have always come from Instagram. But this month I have gotten more clients from Google searches than I have in years. So it’s working already!!” – Regina Felix, Regina Brows

Consistency of NAP (Name, Address, Phone)

This info should be exactly the same anywhere it shows up on the web. And I don’t mean almost the same, I mean exactly the same.

Google Tools

Google has a number of tools that are key to ranking higher in search results. Have you heard of Google Search Console? Most business owners haven’t, but it’s critical for SEO success.

Website SEO Tweaks

Many business owners are making only the tweaks that their website builder is telling them to make. This is a great start but if you rely just on this, you’ll miss a lot of other tweaks that need to be made.

SEO Tracking

You can’t improve what you don’t track, right?!

Here’s a bonus tip for you:

Google Reviews

The more reviews you get with a high rating, the better. Make this a priority.

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