Rank Higher,
Get More Clients

Your 12-week ticket to get more
local visibility, leads, and sales from Google

Calling all small business owners who want to rank higher on Google and create a steady stream of leads through their website!

This month I have gotten more clients from Google searches than I have in years. So it’s working already!! Can’t wait to get more deep in the course and make more fixes."

- Regina Felix, Regina Brows, Goodyear, AZ

Are you ready to skyrocket your SEO so you can start booking more clients in as little as 4 weeks?

Let me guess, you’re a local service provider who feels like you should be getting more organic leads by now…

So what do you do?

You hop online and start going down the SEO rabbit hole.
(And start getting waaay over your head…)

You think this is the answer…

Female entrepreneur setting up Google Search Console for her business's website so it will rank higher on Google and see SEO success.

But here’s the REAL reason most small businesses are struggling to get clients online…

After working with local business owners to help them improve their ranking on Google, I discovered that the problem was not just their SEO.

Yes, their website did have SEO issues, but the problem went beyond that.

They also had a website conversion issue. This means that any traffic they were getting to their website wasn’t turning into inquiries and bookings. 😭

There are 4 main reasons why your website isn’t converting:

Your messaging is unclear

Your branding isn't connecting with your
target audience

There are structural / user experience issues

Important trust signals are missing

90% of the time, once we get their SEO dialed in and have tweaked their website to be optimized for conversion, my clients start to see the results they’re looking for.

Here’s what happens when you get your SEO dialed in, PLUS optimize your site for conversion:

After helping business owners fix their SEO and website optimization issues:

I realized that many local service providers just don’t have the budget to hire a professional.

Plus, a lot of business owners want to know how to do this on their own with a repeatable process they can use again and again in the future.

That’s why I created this program.👇


Rank Higher,
Get More Clients

My signature 12-week program for local service providers.

Start ranking higher on Google with my Rank Revolution Framework so you can create a steady flow of (free!) traffic to your website and get more client inquiries and bookings — without needing to be an SEO professional.

"This last week we have seen online orders coming in from all over the United States!

We've definitely have seen the orders coming in, which is fun. We're shipping all over. That was awesome for us to see like 3 days in a row where we shipped from coast to coast. That was awesome."

- Rich & Teri Michka, Bloomin Daisies Floral & Gifts, Stuart, NE

Here’s how we’ll implement my Rank Revolution Framework for your business.

The Step-By-Step Plan:

Module 1

SEO Foundations

At the end of this module, you'll have:

An optimized Google My Business profile and Google Search Console property set up.

Module 2

Find Your North Star Keywords

Use my North Star Keyword Constellation to…

At the end of this module, you'll have:

A target keyword list filled with the keywords that people in your area are searching.

Module 3

Website SEO Optimization

At the end of this module, you'll have:

Your website optimized for SEO.

Module 4

Website Conversion Optimization

At the end of this module, you'll have:

Your website optimized to convert (aka: turn website visitors into leads and inquiries).

See the impact content has on SEO:

For justaddyourbrand.com

Module 5

Quick, Quality Cornerstone Content

See the impact content has on SEO:

For justaddyourbrand.com

At the end of this module, you'll have:

A content hub set up on your website + a content creation schedule and simple workflow that works for YOU.

Module 6

Monitor Your Results & Protect Your Investment

At the end of this module, you'll have:

Knowing how to monitor your results + your weekly action steps to continue gaining traction and momentum.

Plus, stay on track and know exactly what to do every step of the way!

Start-to-Finish Checklist +
Course Calendar Map

See your full success path from start to finish in one handy checklist. Also, see which action steps to complete each week to successfully finish the program within the 90-day support period. 

$147 Value

"We are so excited for the simple changes we made and feel like it has changed our site in a positive way so much!!!"

- Rich & Teri Michka, Bloomin Daisies Floral & Gifts, Stuart, NE

Here's What's Included

This program was designed with you in mind to include everything you need to succeed on Google.

Lifetime access to the course content:

My proven Rank
Revolution Framework

Start-to-finish action plan
with bite-sized steps

6 modules with step-by-step
video trainings and tutorials

Swipe files, cheatsheets,
and worksheets

Plus, 90 days of personalized support:

Email Support

With a 24-hour or less response time
(Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CT)

“You were super easy to work with, and you explained things with such clarity, it was really amazing.”

- Caitlin Walsh, Caitlin Walsh Counseling, Milwaukee, WI

Don’t miss these juicy bonuses!

Bonus 1

Tech trainings for multiple website platforms ($247 value)

Watch these over-the-shoulder tech trainings for WordPress, Squarespace, Square, and Kajabi, so you know exactly where to click and what to do.

Wondering if I can accommodate your website platform?
Let’s chat! Start a convo with the chat widget at the bottom right of this screen.

Bonus 3

Lightning-Fast Blog / Content Creation Bundle ($147 value)

For long-lasting SEO results, I highly recommend regular content creation. See Module 3 of the program. 👆This could be a blog, resources section, insights section, documentation hub, or robust FAQ section.

But, I know you don’t need another item on your to-do list. That’s why I’ve put together this bundle of resources, to make your content creation process so much easier and faster. 


Bonus 4

7x Visibility Kit: Transform 1 Blog Post Into 7 Days of Social Content ($47 value)

Create content for social media in a fraction of the time with my 7x visibility strategy. This method helps you turn 1 blog post into 7 days of social content so you can show up consistently and stay top of mind for your audience.


Ready to jump in?

Surprise! The the bonuses get even better!

Right now, these bonuses are included, but they won’t be forever!

Personalized Website Review ($197 value)

I’ll personally walk through your website via a recorded Loom video and talk through the changes I would recommend to make your website optimized for sales and SEO.

SEO Keyword List Review ($197 value)

Once you’ve created your list of target keywords, submit it for review. I’ll take a look and let you know if I would recommend any changes.

Is this for you?

Service providers, this program is for you if:

Perfect for service providers like:

Here’s what this program isn’t:

Hi, I’m Amanda!

Designer, front-end website developer, and SEO specialist

My superpower is making complex topics simple to understand and implement. That’s why I’m super excited about simplifying SEO — so you can implement it for your business and start seeing real results.

What I teach in this program is the exact framework I use for my 1:1 clients that get them the most impact in the shortest amount of time.

I’ve helped my clients get some really cool results with their SEO, and I want to help you do the same.

Company logos that have featured Anchor ‹A› Digital Co.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question here?
Email me at amanda@anchoradesign.com

Does your target audience exist locally as well as nationally / globally? Then I would 100% recommend developing a local SEO strategy. It’s much easier to rank locally than to rank nationally or globally. (So yes, this program would be great for you!)

There is one paid software I use and recommend. It does offer a free 7-day trial, and you could certainly complete the tasks from my program on this platform within that time frame. The paid subscription is under $30 a month if you choose to continue using it. I like this service because it provides a great value at a lower subscription price than most other options.

The call day and time are not set yet. I want to wait until I know where everyone will be in the world to find a time that works best for everyone. If you can’t make the call live, no problem! You can submit your question in advance and watch the recording afterward.

I’ve created this program especially for those who aren’t tech-savvy. In addition to tech trainings where I walk you step-by-step through actions that need to be completed on your website or Google’s platforms, I’ll be there to support you on the live Q&A calls and via email support if you get stuck.

No! Absolutely not. This is not necessary to see SEO results. I will provide step-by-step trainings to guide you through action steps for WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly websites. If you use a different platform, I’ll also be happy to accommodate you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions.

You might have heard that it will take time to see results on Google. When I work with my clients using the Rank Revolution Framework, we often start seeing results in as little as 4 weeks after optimizations are complete.

The course is designed to help you get through all the material and action steps within 12 weeks. However, you will have access to the course content for the life of the course. If at any time I would decide to take this course offline, I will provide you the opportunity to save the course materials. Regarding support, you will have 90 days of access to live coaching calls and Facebook group support.

Regular content publishing will help you achieve more reliable, long-lasting results with your SEO, which is why I highly recommend it. If you don’t want to create a “blog,” per se, that’s okay! It could be a resources section, insights section, documentation hub, robust FAQ section, etc.

In this program, I teach you how to create cornerstone content quickly and easily. You’ve likely already created quality content as email replies to clients, helpful comments on social posts, and more. We can use this!

You can certainly see gains with your SEO if you don’t implement this part of the program, but your results may taper off over time. The size of your market, the size of your niche, and whether you are targeting a local or national / global audience all factor into this.

The more competition you have, the more I would recommend a consistent content strategy.

See this example of how content impacts SEO:

I estimate you’ll need to set aside about 5 hours per week for the first 8 weeks of the program and about 1-2 hours for the remaining 4 weeks of the program. After that initial 12 weeks, I recommend continuing to follow through with your content strategy, which can take you as little as an hour a week.

My Promise to You

Try the program, risk-free,
for 14 days.

I believe in the quality and effectiveness of my program, and I stand behind it with my 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the program within the first 14 days after joining, I’ll issue you a full refund. Simply contact me within 14 days from purchase and let me know why you’re not satisfied. I’ll process your refund as soon as possible.

So what do you have to lose?!

Results I’ve helped clients get with their SEO and website conversion optimization:

Lisa doubled her weekly inquiries!

“Our website optimizations have doubled the number of inquiries we receive each week. We've reduced the amount we spend on Google Ad words by more than half.”

- Lisa Hillary, Hillary Counseling, Milwaukee, WI

Bob’s online business has exploded!
His words, not mine 🙂

“My business has grown a lot. Thanks for your effort. It has made a big difference.”

“Since the start of this awesome website you made for me, my business has exploded! And this is the slow time of the year round the holidays.”

- Bob Hoffmeister, Hoffmeister’s Imperial Heaven, Operating Globally

Caitlin started getting better fit clients.

"I was not getting enough traffic to my site, and not enough requests for appointments. Now, it is summer so therapy tends to slow down, even with that I have been getting inquiries, if you look at the reports I am getting increased traffic and increased interest overall. It has been helpful to have people still inquiring even at a generally seasonal slow point. The people that have been contacting me have generally been a better fit and converted to clients."

"Thanks for all of your help! I couldn't have done any of this without you!!!"

- Caitlin Walsh, Caitlin Walsh Counseling, Milwaukee, WI

Caitlin's website impressions after we optimized for her target keywords:

Jennifer started getting 4-5 inquiries A DAY.

“I’m getting 4-5 inquiries a day. I normally aim to book about 50 senior sessions. This year I have 90 sessions booked, and still turning people away.”

- Jennifer Schultz, Jennifer Schultz Photography, Lincoln, NE

This is the complete system with expert support to help you turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

All this is yours for the taking:

Total Value: $2696

Join today for only $797

Or 6 payments of $135


Pay in Full


1 payment of $797

Payment Plan


6 monthly payment of $135

Get a behind-the-scenes look!

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

I’d love to have a no-obligation chat to help you decide if this program is a good fit for you or not.

Use the chat widget at the bottom right of the screen or email me at amanda@anchoradesign.com.

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