Are you unintentionally self-sabotaging your web traffic from Google?

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Do this quick 3-minute Google visibility check to find out:

  1. Hop over to Google right now and search your business name. Add your city and state as well if you need to get more specific.
    Example: “katie’s cakes omaha nebraska”
  2. Find your business in the results

Now, look at how your business shows up in Google search results:

Are you good with the info that’s showing up?

For example, one of my clients was a therapist and her pricing was one of the top pages showing up in results. This was not ideal for her and she was potentially losing out on clients who automatically said no before they even knew anything else about her!

We wanted her potential clients to go to her website and learn about her first, then seek out pricing info. So, we fixed this and hid that page from Google results.

✅ Website traffic issue fixed.

Do all of the links work?

I recently did a quick audit for a student in my program and a number of her web pages showing up in search results were broken page links that no longer worked. She was potentially losing a ton of traffic just because Google was listing old pages for her site that didn’t go anywhere.

I showed her how get these old links fixed so the correct ones would show up on Google.

✅ Website traffic issue fixed.

These are just 2 common mistakes I see business owners making with their presence on Google.

What next?

Good news though…these issues are 100% fixable.

If you don’t like how your business is showing up in Google results and think you might be losing traffic to your website because of it—but, you also don’t know how to fix it, send me a message using the chat at the bottom right of the screen.

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