45 simple phrases to get your audience to take action

Hi, there!
I’m Amanda – designer, dreamer, and online marketer.

Zag is the Anchor ‹A› blog dedicated to helping you reach your biggest business goals.

As a designer, one of the strategies I use is:

Always lead your audience to the next thing.

Always be thinking about:

What’s the next step you want them to take?

Then, ask them to do that. This is called a Call to Action.

I want to assure you, there’s always something you can ask them to do, even if you’re not promoting an offer at the moment. At the very least, try to start a conversation.

Add a call to action to your social media posts, your emails, your videos or lives, your stories, your lead magnets, etc.

Always, always, always, include one to foster engagement and action from your audience.

Here’s a list of 45 call to action ideas to help get you started:

  1. Read the post
  2. Comment below
  3. Join the Facebook group
  4. Hit reply and share XYZ
  5. Listen to the episode
  6. Watch the video
  7. Tag a friend
  8. Vote in the poll
  9. Download this freebie
  10. Join now
  11. Get instant access
  12. Schedule an appointment
  13. Give me your favorite emoji if you liked this content
  14. Join the waitlist
  15. RSVP now
  16. Shop Now
  17. Try it now
  18. Get started
  19. Book now
  20. Book appointment
  21. Order now
  22. Learn more
  23. Check it out here
  24. See details
  25. Donate now
  26. Join here
  27. Get involved now
  28. Keep me informed
  29. Subscribe to our list
  30. Follow these steps
  31. Volunteer with us
  32. Add to bag
  33. Read more
  34. Reserve your spot
  35. Follow us
  36. Call now
  37. Ask a question
  38. Leave a review
  39. Shop our best sellers
  40. Swipe up
  41. Download now
  42. Get unlimited access
  43. Unlock access now
  44. Take a tour
  45. Get a free quote

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