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e’d like to think that our customers find us and love us so much right away that they immediately decide to book or purchase. Sometimes this happens! But more likely, they probably take weeks, months, or even years before they make a purchase and had interacted with your brand several times along the way.

Maybe they see you pop up in their Instagram feed, then visit your profile, and venture to your website. Then they join your email list (via that amazing coupon or freebie you offered) and return to your website a few more times to read blog posts or check out your shop. Perhaps this is followed by an inquiry or in-person consultation. Now, finally, they’re ready to purchase or book.

These interactions are called touchpoints, and depending what source you’re reading, it takes between 7-20 touchpoints before a purchase is made.

Does that number surprise you? It sounds crazy, right?! It even surprised me, but then I thought about my own purchasing behavior, and it started to make sense. There’s often a lot of interactions that occur before the point where I make a purchase. 

That being said, could potential customers love your right away? Absolutely. Do they still need time to get to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately open their wallet? Most likely–especially if your offering is a big investment. 

Or, maybe there’s some circumstance that is keeping them from making a purchase right away. It could be that your offer isn’t something they need right at that moment, they aren’t ready for it yet, or they can’t afford it right then.

About 6 months ago, I drove past this awesome little salon called the Powder Room Parlor. Their logo is hand-painted on the white-brick exterior and it instantly stood out to me. I knew I had to learn more about this place. So I visited their website, several times actually, and finally after several months, I booked an appointment.

Was I interested in the salon right away? Yes. But did I need a haircut right away? No. When I was ready for one though, my regular stylist was on maternity leave, so that sweet little salon was top of mind for me.

So know that if someone isn’t a customer or client right now, it doesn’t mean they never will be. Keep focusing on those genuine touchpoints, friend, and you’ll create relationships over time that will turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

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Can you think of a time where you interacted with a business several times before making a purchase?

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