7 little changes that’ll make a big difference with your social media marketing

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The thought of using social media for business and not just for fun can feel daunting and overwhelming.

“Will people think I’m being pushy?”

“How will I ever keep up with a posting schedule?”

“What should I even post about?”

No worries! Just because you’re posting “for business” doesn’t mean you have to change who you are or wear yourself out with a rigid posting schedule. (In fact, our Build a Go-To Brand Facebook group is all about planning engaging content without the stress!)

So how do you post for business without saying goodbye to the fun parts?

I’ve put together a few of my favorite tips to make it a little more manageable:

  1. Forget perfection.—Taking imperfect action is so much better than no action at all. Think of the people you love to follow. Chances are their content isn’t perfect, but it is authentic. Let them inspire you.
  2. Focus on one platform.—If you don’t have a social media team, it’s probably 100% unrealistic for any one person to show up on multiple platforms well + actually run their business. Your audience will come to know where you hang out, and when they want to catch up with you, they’ll look for you there.
  3. Clean up your bio.—Keep in mind your bio is the first thing someone sees when they go to your social profile. Make sure it’s up to date and clearly tells people what you do. Include a link to where people can learn more about you.
  4. Respond to comments.—Starting conversations is the whole point of showing up on social media! Replying to comments creates those connections. If you don’t respond to people, this disincentivizes them from commenting on your posts in the future.
  5. Create engagement through stories.—People love engaging in stories, especially with polls and question boxes. They’re easy for you to create and easy for your audience to interact with.

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