Inspiring Bonnie Christine Talk + 25 Free Floral Photos

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Last week I shared with my Anchor ‹A› Email Insiders that I’m going to start interviewing amazing business owners. I’ve got the first one lined up and let me tell you, she is incredible and so inspiring. I absolutely cannot wait. Until then…

Here is what’s inspiring me this week…

Bonnie Christine giving a Skillshare talk about her surface pattern design business

From Dreaming to Doing with Creative Freelancer Bonnie Christine

Bonnie Christine is a surface pattern designer and what’s most inspiring about her story is that she taught herself how to do it, all on her own. Google was her best friend.

One of my favorite parts: 

(3:21) “I decided that I was going to start doing one thing every single day in efforts of moving myself toward accomplishing this dream.”

25 Free Floral Photos

Need a pretty floral photo?

I’ve curated a collection of 25 FREE photos that you can use for your website, social media, or even just your computer background.

P.S. is an incredible source for free photos.

Question for you

What types of photos do you most often need for your business?